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March 3, 2013-Third Sunday of Lent

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday we awaken to prayers of gratitude for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and for the future Bishop of Rome.  As the Cardinals jouney from world-wide we partake in this historical time by offering prayers and daily offerings for the ministry of the College of Cardinals who will elect a new Pope.  May this Sunday create in us a firm resolve to draw together more closely to praise, honor and serve God.

The past week has shed a new light on this Sunday as we move more deeply into the Season of Lent.  Change is inevitable in a lifetime, yet placing our trust in God will effect in us in specific ways. By attending to the new realities, living if you will, conformed more to Jesus' disciples by the working of the Holy Spirit we are converted.  The Gospel today is about the Samaritan Woman, converted by the love and forgiveness of Christ.  St. Augustine wrote of his own delay in accepting a new life with Christ writing, "Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.  I was afraid you might hear my prayer quickly, and that you might too rapidly heal me" (Confessions, p. 145.)  Let us not delay to accept the courage Christ extends to have us turn toward him to build a civilization of love, and of forgiveness.

To Reclaim Sunday! may we consider more regularly the lives of the saints who lived in this world and accepted the heroic virtue given to them by God to carry out his mission.  May the example, of St. Augustine and the love of his unfailing mother, Monica inspire in us to never give up on the path to sanctity or in helping one another.

So let us Reclaim Sunday and the joy that is its crown!


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10.08 | 02:45

I do appreciate your way of evangelization in this year of Faith. On the day of Lord, let us do those that foster our relation with him: mass, scripture reading

08.08 | 13:04

Studying in Jerusalem several years ago, I was very moved by the power the Sabbath has to reclaim and rejuvenate lives of believers, a time for complete rest.

30.04 | 22:05

Sunday is the day of the Lord. Let us come to Him as a family specially on this day to celebrate him and share the joy with others present in the church

29.04 | 13:30

Sunday is the most precious day of the week, time for reflection, Mass, family, and often religious studies, reflection, writing and ministry.

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