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Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time-September 23, 2018

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday may we give thanks for the Ordinary blessings that God sends to support us in his love:

A baby's laughter

A hot meal

Flowers from the garden



A ray of Fall Sunshine


Breathing in fresh air

God thank-you for your endless effort to reach us.

Sundays change everything.




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10.08 | 02:45

I do appreciate your way of evangelization in this year of Faith. On the day of Lord, let us do those that foster our relation with him: mass, scripture reading

08.08 | 13:04

Studying in Jerusalem several years ago, I was very moved by the power the Sabbath has to reclaim and rejuvenate lives of believers, a time for complete rest.

30.04 | 22:05

Sunday is the day of the Lord. Let us come to Him as a family specially on this day to celebrate him and share the joy with others present in the church

29.04 | 13:30

Sunday is the most precious day of the week, time for reflection, Mass, family, and often religious studies, reflection, writing and ministry.

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