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Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Happy Sunday!

This weekend we hear of the key to loving in the life of the kingdom.  Have you reflected on the impact of true love in your life?  How have you experienced the forgiving embrace of God's love?  In Spiritual matters it is understood that people's image of God can be formed by their life experience with or without the presence of their birth father.  As a faith community and made in the image of God we are part of the ongoing formation of one another Including in the complexities of life.  Learning how to receive the kind and nonjudgmental love of another advances us in the love of heaven.  

As the story goes there was once one who wanted to turn a goodness to a friend.  The friend was quick to want to 'repay' in kind.  This caused a type of upset to the friend for it was given with 'no repayment' in mind.  For the sheer act of gift.  For the sheer act of love seeking nothing in return multiplied the giving itself.  

Especially when we give to those who cannot return in kind, the poor, it is of the higher sphere.  So the person did not keep a score and freed them to a more true acceptance.  Vulnerability.  Are we on the move growing in a capacity to receive the love of our God?  Sure, it can be unsettling for we are releasing conventions of surety to live in the freedom of trusting the Providence of God.  He is sending us on a mission of faith.  Are you ready to meet the greatest love of your life?  Sunday places us face to face with love eternal!  He meets us where we are- in every place.  No exceptions.





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10.08 | 02:45

I do appreciate your way of evangelization in this year of Faith. On the day of Lord, let us do those that foster our relation with him: mass, scripture reading

08.08 | 13:04

Studying in Jerusalem several years ago, I was very moved by the power the Sabbath has to reclaim and rejuvenate lives of believers, a time for complete rest.

30.04 | 22:05

Sunday is the day of the Lord. Let us come to Him as a family specially on this day to celebrate him and share the joy with others present in the church

29.04 | 13:30

Sunday is the most precious day of the week, time for reflection, Mass, family, and often religious studies, reflection, writing and ministry.

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