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July 21, 2013-Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Happy Sunday!

On the eve of this week's sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time blessings on your door step!  Cultivating a relationship takes time as most readers are familiar.  We learn over time of the fidelity God has for each person.  Perhaps it was a surprise to read a resource link on the Church teachings regarding the Mass and Sunday observance addressing the question-What is the relationship between the Mass and daily life?:

  • "it is the love appointment, weekly but also possibly daily, with the One who has given himself for us"

This term, love appointment, with God can prompt an interesting dialogue.  To sustain friendships we look forward to time with them who through over the years deepens in its depth of understanding with many experiences.  A true friend as the Book of Sirach points out is a treasure.  Luke's Gospel puts us in the company of two of Christ's friends, Martha and Mary who are teaching us of the need of proximity to the beloved.  Sunday is a time to be with our beloved Lord and with those he sends to us or to whom he chooses to send us to.

The above website also resources the following:

"How is sunday sanctified?

  • By participating in the Holy Mass ;
  • And by dedicating oneself to those activities which permit one:
    • to render worship to God (major time dedicated to personal and family prayer, meetings and readings of religious deepening, visits to the cemetery...);
    • to take care of one’s married, family and parental life;
    • to assure proper and due rest of body and spirit;
    • To dedicate oneself to works of charity, especially in the service of the sick, the aged, the poor..." (Accessed 7.20.13)

We may benefit by asking how are we making time for an appointment of love with God?  His mercy endures forever!  His covenant is through salvation history.  Are we hearing his voice?  The voice of those he sends our way?  As we prepare for this Sunday let us be opened to the in breaking that God communicates.  Pray for all travelers and in particular for all the World Youth Day participants and for all those who have requested our prayers.

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10.08 | 02:45

I do appreciate your way of evangelization in this year of Faith. On the day of Lord, let us do those that foster our relation with him: mass, scripture reading

08.08 | 13:04

Studying in Jerusalem several years ago, I was very moved by the power the Sabbath has to reclaim and rejuvenate lives of believers, a time for complete rest.

30.04 | 22:05

Sunday is the day of the Lord. Let us come to Him as a family specially on this day to celebrate him and share the joy with others present in the church

29.04 | 13:30

Sunday is the most precious day of the week, time for reflection, Mass, family, and often religious studies, reflection, writing and ministry.

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