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Happy Sunday!

November is a time to recall our deceased.

While  doing so we contemplate our own path toward Heaven.

When we come to the truth our lives are changed.

When you sit with someone whose parent lay dying, the moment becomes more important.

When a poor person thanks you for the twenty you place in their hand you realize I need to be more generous.

When a parishioner no longer leaves his home because of illness you ask do I prioritize my love of God over everything knowing time is short?

How does your day move when your friend tells you the child in the womb has been diagnosed with fetal abnormalities?

We heard today about placing our blessings back in God's hands.  

He has given us everything.  

This Sunday may the poor, lowly and little ones remind us of the gift of our lives and how we are called to joyfully respond in kind with the very LOVE of Christ we have received From him.

Will you encourage someone to be opened to the light of Sunday?




Protectress of holy vocations, hear our prayer!

Happy Sunday-

This week is Vocation Awareness Week.  More specifically here is a call to the catholic priesthood although all Christians are called to the Vocation to love.  A young Seminarian provided a witness mentioning the generosity of his parents to foster vocations.  With two sons and one already a priest they will not be grandparents in the biological way.  With two sons as priests they will be grandparents to thousands Thru their son's spiritual Fatherhood.  


On Sunday we allow our prayers to focus on vocations to the priesthood. It is common for the faithful to have a close affinity to their parish priest.  He feeds them the bread of angels, forgives their sins, anoints their sick, baptized the young/old in the living waters of baptism and buries the dead.  He steers them away from danger and guides them into the ways of truth.  He does not lack children rather is both father and grandfather to preborn to those who lay dying.  

The faithful may give an opinion to the pastor, but let no one speak against the heart of their good shepherd.  Immigrant or 60 years married the priest is a missionary who traverses lands known and unknown.  He counsels the doubtful and navigates budgets while expected to mix with scholars and poor alike in a day's service to God.  While 1,000 may be one's acquaintances only one will be the catholic priest.  Any catholic will be able to attribute how God entered their lives thru the relationship with the spiritual Fatherhood of their priest.  Many may advise in life in ways of finance, law, architecture or education but only thru the catholic priest will one be fed the Eucharist, be anointed before eternal life or hear our sins in the confessional.  This Sunday join in a prayer for every priest that has been or will be!  God hear our loving care for the call and grant us more courageous priests to guide us in the way of the peace of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

Bless every priest and Seminarian with the sustenance of grace to endure the trials of this life so that he be within the lineage of generations of the spiritual Fatherhood of a man of God!

Mary, blessed Mary who did believe in the word of the Lord intercede to your son to bless us with an increase in holy vocations to the priesthood!



Happy Sunday!

Most of us live like we have much longer than today.  Are you prepared for meeting God?  If we live each Sunday as the day of resurrection, we are more aware that our earthly lives will end. In November the church remembers our deceased loved ones.  Some left following illness while others left without notice.  May we also remember the persecuted Christians suffering in the Middle East.  This Sunday live as if it were our last and proclaim- HE is risen!  Offer any slights for the common good of building up the body of Christ.  Come Holy Spirit without delay!  Mark our lives with unfailing love of your words of life.


Pray in solidarity that we may be without fear to follow Christ, servant of the little ones and princes alike!




Happy Sunday!

Where did you experience the love of God today?

Was it in the food drive after Mass?

Did you hear the homily on the unconditional love of God after failure?

Was your heart opened where previously you may have recoiled?

Did you hear from a loved one and know God is near in every instance?

There is an endless penetration of love God extends.

Can we accept his plan of love into our lives?

Love of the lasting type requires RISK.

Remember: St. Therese asking the Pope to enter Carmel when she was 15?  

St. Rita's forgiveness? St. John Vianney's academic challenge forging persevering in the face of unrelenting failure?

God is on our side advocating for us.

For all who risk for love, may your courage not delay in our world that could be revived with chivilary.  Love will be in our hearts to the dying breath.  Let love be your hope and your strength this week of All Saints and All Souls Day!



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26.11 | 13:22

I haven't perfected my Sundays yet -- but I do refrain from at least laundry and cleaning. I do try to find something special to eat, too. Working on it!

10.08 | 02:45

I do appreciate your way of evangelization in this year of Faith. On the day of Lord, let us do those that foster our relation with him: mass, scripture reading

08.08 | 13:04

Studying in Jerusalem several years ago, I was very moved by the power the Sabbath has to reclaim and rejuvenate lives of believers, a time for complete rest.

30.04 | 22:05

Sunday is the day of the Lord. Let us come to Him as a family specially on this day to celebrate him and share the joy with others present in the church